IT Recycling


IT Recycling

Environmental responsibility

Once technological equipment is deemed outdated and unsellable, it needs to be disposed of in an ecologically safe manner. Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES) employs an in-house division dedicated to taking care of customers’ computer electronics recycling needs. This division is trained and uniquely equipped to resell working products and responsibly eliminate non-working products without utilizing outside sources.


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IT Recyling



IT Recycling


IT Recycling



The Speed of Technology

We live in a fast-paced world. From the way we purchase our coffee in the morning to the way we consume media, the Internet Age has made instant access to virtually anything commonplace. As remarkable as it is to have infinite information available at the push of a button, there’s a downside to this speed: hardware can’t keep up. The average life span of technological equipment is now less than three years.

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Business recycling services include:

  • Full-service pick up of telecom and computer network equipment
  • Certificate of Destruction given on-site so you can rest assured that your material is being recycled properly
  • A professional computer and electronics recycling team that works quickly and efficiently
  • Full-coverage that includes the Tampa Bay area (state-wide pick up availability is dependent on size of pick up)
  • We also offer free battery recycling, free motherboard recycling and other cost-efficient services.

    Security and data responsibility

    MES understands the importance of security within any organization. Years of business translate to years of information and data collected in media and storage devices. In order to eliminate breaches to your confidential information, MES offers a range of data destruction services as part of our computer recycling business offering. We ensure that all data-specific materials are erased and/or destroyed using the latest protection standards.

    We specialize in data wiping and destruction of computers, electronics and media devices including:

  • Magnetic hard drives
  • Solid-state hard drives
  • Computer tapes
  • USB drives
  • Flash memory
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cell phones


    Data Wipe DestructionDATA WIPE AND DESTRUCTION


    Modern Enterprise Solutions realizes the importance of security with any organization. This is why we offer a range of data destruction service to eliminate any breaches to your confidential information. All data specific materials will be erased or destroyed using the latest protection standards.

    We work with all data storage devices and Media:

    - Magnetic Hard Drives
    - Solid State Hard Drives
    - Computer Tapes
    - USB Drives
    - Flash Memory
    - CD's and DVD's


    Data Wipe and Destruction



    Local Area Pick up and Recycling LOCAL PICK UP AND RECYCLING


    - Full Service Pick up of telecom and electronics equipment
    - Certificate of Destruction onsite so you know your material is
      being recycled properly
    - A Professional Team that will work fast and clean
    - Full coverage includes the Tampa Bay Area. State wide pick-up
      availability will be dependent on the size of the pick-up


    Local Pick Up and Recycling



    Resell of Telecom and ElectronicsRESELL OF TELECOM AND ELECTRONICS


    MES also sells electronics and telecom equipment that is still operational. There is no better way to protect the environment.  Reuse of equipment  is the number one way to utilize your existing IT Needs, while saving yourself money.

    Resell of Telecom and Electronics



    Cell Phone Recycling CELL PHONE RECYCLING


    Our cell phone recycling division will properly recycle your old cell phone and accessories.  All of your data and personal information will be destroyed and erased.  This is 100% guaranteed. 

    Cellphone Recycling

    What people say



    "Modern is a very good company to do business with. Good customer service in all departments. Quick responses and delivery."

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    "We always can count on Modern Enterprise when we need networking gear fast. Our experience with the company to date has been exceptional across the board.".

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    Bob Sheld

    "Modern Enterprise has been a trusted supplier and a valued customer since we started dealing with them a couple of years ago. Our Rep, Brian, takes very good care of us."

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    D. Rampley

    "I have been doing business with them for the past 3 years. They have had some of the lowest cost of equipment and have matched other completers on lifetime warranty's on their equipment."

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