At Modern Enterprise Solutions (MES), we pride ourselves on providing fast and secure logistics solutions for your business needs.

Network and Telecom Equipment



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In order to run your business effectively, you have to utilize reliable networking and computer systems. If your network security equipment and electronic communication products are non-operational, so is your business. If this sounds familiar, MES can help.

MES has an in-house team of dedicated professionals that is specially trained
to efficiently remove outdated and/or damaged electronics, computers
and telecom work equipment from your place of business.
All it takes is an email to get started.

If this service is right for you, MES is prepared to provide you with an all-in-one
solution to deinstall, remove and properly dispose of your unneeded materials without interrupting your workflow.

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MES Logistics

Our 50,000-square-foot inventory warehouse allows us to offer our clients thousands of products – from wireless networking equipment to telecom voip phones and everything in between – at competitive prices. No matter your company’s size or situation, MES is sure to have an industrial networking solution to meet your needs.

Contact our dependable customer service department
today to discover what MES can do for your business. 

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50,000 square-foot Warehouse

"The advantage of having a 50,000 square-foot warehouse makes it possible for the outstanding sales team to offer thousands of products to customers from small business start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The customer service at MES is fast, secure, and reliable. And by attracting young, talented, and energetic employees the company has managed to keep a competitive advantage that has allowed Modern Enterprise Solutions to grow and expand while many businesses have failed and gone bankrupt in the tough economy of the past decade."

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