IT Asset Management


I.T. Asset Management

Modern Enterprise Solutions works with clients all over the globe, purchasing IT surplus, and working with clients to properly dispose these assets.

Buy Back Program:

The process is easy and quickest for selling your equipment at the highest market value. Simply send over a complete inventory list and you will receive an offer within 24 hours. Working with Modern Enterprise Solutions is effective and can make your job less complex. What makes this a great method for selling your equipment is our extensive product lines and Global customer base. Our existing relationships with freight and air carriers also make picking up your IT assets stress-free.


Consignment works well when customers have high quantities or need us to inventory products due to space limitations. Our custom ERP / Inventory program allows Modern Enterprise Solutions to receive products by part number and serial number. Through a secure login you will have access to view your inventory in real time and sales history. We arrange all of the logistics to pick up your IT assets, and you receive a percentage of the sales. All equipment is owned by the customer throughout the entire process. Consignment is a longer-term sales process and can help bring you a larger return on investment over a period of time. Let us maximize your ROI on all of your idle assets that may not have an immediate buy-back offer.


I.T. Asset Management

ISO Certified network

"MES is 1 of the largest privately held ISO Certified network and telecom resellers in the country. Our customers exceed 4500 companies around the world. We specialize in maintaining legacy infrastructure, decreasing lead time, and offering alternative solutions where applicable. We buy, sell, install, recycle and decommission equipment." Read More

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