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The Easiest Way to Protect Email for On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service provides cloud-based archiving of email, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address eDiscovery requests effectively and easily. Ideal for organizations using cloud-based email services like Office 365, Barracuda stores archived email in a separate, secure repository for as long as needed without risk of corruption or deletion.

Whether you host your own Exchange mail server or use Office 365, adding a subscription to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is the easiest path to protecting sensitive business communication and meeting email compliance requirements. With Barracuda, compliance is easy to demonstrate, and end users can have read only access to search and retrieve archived email at any time from any device.



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Preserve Emails for Retention and Compliance

Compliance is now a key requirement for many organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe. These must be implemented in all areas across the organization to demonstrate and ensure that the business is operating in a compliant manner and to minimize ongoing legal risk.

Archiving and compliance solutions from Barracuda take a policy-based approach to meeting this need, automating and enforcing both the retention and the deletion of email as required. With Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service, you save only what is needed and only for the time that it needs to be saved, and you can be confident that your day‑to‑day email operations meet government and regulatory compliance standards. In response to regulatory audits, you can demonstrate adherence to retention and defensible deletion policies.



Respond Quickly to Legal Holds and eDiscovery Requests

Besides archiving emails, Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service also provides an added layer of legal protection to your emails. For example, you can apply legal holds to selected data on an individual case-by-case basis. Protected emails are kept secure in a tamper-proof archive that is separate from your operational mail server. This ensures there is no conflict between data retention for operational compliance and legal hold for search and discovery exercises. As a result, it is easy to demonstrate the accuracy and completeness of data returned for each case, and to provide the chain of custody for that data. Organizations are able to respond immediately to any discovery requests they receive. Public entities can meet Freedom of Information requests within the very short timeframes required, and data can preserved for legal discovery as soon as the need is identified.



Easy Access to Archived Emails

End users can have read only access to search and retrieve email at any time from any device, using a web or via integration with Microsoft Outlook on Windows, or with native applications for MacOS, iOS and Android.



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