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ATMC Deploys A10 Thunder TPS to Protect Against
Growing DDoS and Application Attacks


Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) is a nonprofit cooperative that is owned by its members, the people of Brunswick County, North Carolina. ATMC not only offers local telephone service, but also a wide variety of additional services, including high-speed Internet, cable TV, wireless, business communications and security. ATMC’s top priority has always been to provide the highest quality communications services and customer service. It is dedicated to excellence as it delivers value to the customers in the communities it serves.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not only occurring more frequently, but with greater volumes and increased sophistication. As organizations become increasingly dependent on the availability of their services and on their ability to connect to the Internet, loss of uptime means loss of revenue. A threat protection system that provides deep traffic visibility to spot anomalies across the traffic spectrum is needed to protect against multiple classes of attack vectors.

Faced with its particular security, performance and budget challenges, ATMC wanted a solution that could handle high volumes of traffic while protecting against a growing number of application and DDoS attacks. Modern Enterprise Solutions partnered with ATMC to assist. “Our biggest challenge was finding something to handle the high volume of traffic without negatively affecting the daily end-user experience,” says Mike Strider, Manager of Data Services at ATMC.


Selection Criteria

Armed with a set of technical requirements, ATMC evaluated solutions from three different companies to determine which would be the best fit. “A10 Networks was chosen because it met all of our requirements,” Strider says. “It just works!”

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“A10 Networks was chosen because it met all of our requirements. It just works!”

“Mike Strider, Manager of Data Services, ATMC”


ATMC selected A10 Networks® TPS™ line of Threat Protection Systems, which enables service availability against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource and more sophisticated application attacks. Built on the A10 Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform, Thunder TPS delivers high performance and leverages a shared memory architecture to provide efficient tracking of network flows, as well as robust multi-vector DDoS protection enforcement for service providers, website operators and enterprises. Because ATMC is a service provider offering business and residential broadband services, its network uses a multi-homed peering configuration. In this deployment, A10 Thunder TPS has been configured to protect the subscriber subnet in an asymmetric proactive manner. ATMC is using Thunder TPS system logging to establish a baseline alert threshold for its subscriber subnets. It then creates DDoS events as required when under attack, and manages the mitigations in effect for each incident.

About ATMC

A nonprofit, member-owned cooperative in North Carolina, ATMC is dedicated to excellence in customer service and providing communications services that add value to the communities it serves. In the early 1950s, the large telephone companies of the day lost interest in providing service to most of Brunswick County because they thought it was too rural. A determined group of local people worked to build their own telephone company, and in 1955, Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) was chartered. Today, ATMC not only offers local telephone service, but also a wide variety of additional services, including high speed Internet, cable TV, wireless, business communications and security. Its top priority has always been to provide customers with communications services at an excellent value and with outstanding customer service.

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When asked to describe the single biggest value that ATMC has gained from its A10 Thunder TPS solution, Strider notes the savings in overall bandwidth utilization as well as the safety and security of infrastructure against DDOS attacks. ”Disruption of DDoS attacks and the elimination of useless traffic before it penetrates our networks have made a big difference to our business,” Strider says.
Next Steps Based on this very positive experience, ATMC is planning to explore other A10 solutions that could help further its mission of providing excellence and value to the community. Initially, it will be automating the threat protection process with Thunder TPS.

About Modern Enterprise Solutions

Founded in 2003, Modern Enterprise Solutions was created to provide customers with the absolute best overall experience possible for their networking and telecom needs. Now recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and the Tampa Business Journal, Modern Enterprise Solutions continues to grow and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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