S4 Series


MES Solutions

Kara’s mechanical closures are high quality and reliable protection systems.

Various configurations
High level of flexibility for secure fiber distribution



Part# Unit Dim - WxDxH(MM) Cabile Dim - (MM) Cable Ports Splice Tray Count Splice Tray Capacity Fiber Count Sealing
KO-CDSJS(04)-2 435*190*120 Φ10-Φ22 2in,2out 4 24(single fiber) 168(singel fiber) Sealing structure
KO-CDSJS(04)-3 435*190*120 Φ10-Φ22 4 24(single fiber) 192(single fiber) sticky cincture
KO-CDSJS(04)3-PB 435*190*120 Φ10-Φ22 3in,3out 4 24(single fiber) Sealing structure
KO-CDSJS(04)-3Y 460*180*120 Φ7-Φ22 4 168(singel fiber) sticky cincture
KOSJSM7RS144 230*550 Φ7-Φ22 4in,4out 6 24(single fiber) 144(single fiber) Heat shrinkable sealing structure silicon gum material